Health Checks on Projects

We will visit your project offices and project sites with the appropriate greybearded skills and do a thorough, customised investigation, after which we will advise you where your project's strengths and weakness lie, with suggested corrective action for implementation.

 Construction and Project reviews

Constructability reviews through scheduling reviews to construction criticality reviews are done on site and in your project office.

Allow us to advise you to conduct your own regular project reviews on all projects in your portfolio

 Coaching and mentoring

A resource is only as good as the support he or she receives. We coach and mentor juniors (and seniors!!) through global best practice in order to improve project execution competence. Allow us to coach and mentor your functional management to be better FMs in your organisation, or ask us about our "Outsourced Functional Management" solutions.

 Education, Training and Learning

Through our accredited associates we are able to provide a full range of Project Management training from basic elementary levels to advanced. This can be done against SAQA standards, GAPPS standards, PMI's Standards or a customised combination to suit your particular needs.

 Systems Development

We will assist you to develop the most appropriate systems to enable you to execute your projects more efficiently.

This covers standards, policies and procedures, and can be expanded to software systems varying from simple, stand-alone packages, to integrated solutions.


Through our associates we have the tools to assess and compare your company, projects, and resources against global benchmarks. Tools vary from simple DIY to elaborate facilitated processes. As our associates say: "We know what good looks like".

 Human Resources

Through our vast network of associates and international contacts we will find the right resources for your project - whatever or wherever they may be. Although we specialise in Project and Construction Management as well as Project Controls resources, we have access to administrative, commercial, engineering and executive management resources as well.

 Facilitation and workshops

We facilitate workshops as and when required to enhance your projects. Our neutrality ensures best outcomes, beyond political and other boundaries. Our facilitated sessions cover anything from complex strategic development through integrated close-out post mortems and risk analyses to simple kick-off sessions. Methodologies are customised with your input to suit the situation.

 Expert Witnessing Services

We recently added the provision of expert witnessing services on Project Management, Construction Management, Scheduling (Planning) and Cost Management in litigation and arbitration matters. Let us work with your legal team to ensure reasonability prevails.

Construction Cost Estimating

Global Construction Cost Estimate development, location factor surveys, sourcing local productivity statistics and comparisons, delivery route surveys, logistics surveys, site establishment cost estimate development, construction strategy development.

Forensic Project Performance Analyses

Retrospectively investigate and analyse the performance achieved on a project, establish most probable causes for problems, the effects thereof on project outcomes, responsible party, and effectiveness of mitigation plans implemented.

Constructability Reviews

Investigate constructability of given designs and layouts, establish likely construction challenges, access problems, establish high level construction sequencing, lifting studies, accessibility studies, infrastructure needs, risk analyses.

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