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Jaycee Krüger Named International Correspondent for PMForum in South Africa Online project management media and publishing entity PMForum adds correspondent in Gauteng to expand coverage and representation to Southern Africa DALLAS, TX - November 12, 2007 --PMForum, Inc announced today that Mr. Jaycee Krüger has become an International Correspondent for the Company in South Africa. PMForum has established a global network of international correspondents to provide project management-related news and information from around the world and to provide the company with local representation. PMForum operates, the world’s first website devoted to professional project management, and produces the popular monthly online e-Journal PM World Today. According to PMForum managing editor David Pells, “Jaycee Krüger is a very experienced project manager. He has been involved in project management professional groups and activities in South Africa for many years, having served as PMI chapter president there as well as co-founder of the PMI South Africa national organization. Mr. Krüger has a strong local and international reputation as an advocate for professional project management and is well known in South African professional circles. We are happy to have him join our correspondents’ team, and excited about having a representative in South Africa, one of the most dynamic economic centers in the southern hemisphere.” Jaycee Krüger, PMP, PrTechEng, is the Managing Director of the Centre for Management Strategic Services, based in Gauteng province, South Africa. He has spent over 29 years working in project environments with increasing responsibility, from technical design and construction supervision through construction management and project management to executive head of various functional departments and director of a major South African project management and engineering company operating globally. Project experience includes power generation, industrial and mining projects, from shutdowns through brown-fields to green-fields in extremely remote places. He has delivered various papers and lectures on project management topics around South Africa and in other countries. Serving his two professions, civil engineering and project management, Mr. Krüger was founding member of various organisations and branches of organisations, as well as subject matter expert in statutory boards governing project management. He is presently active in the Project Management Institute (PMI®) where he serves on the Component services Members Advisory Group (CSMAG), the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International, (AACE), Project Management South Africa (PMSA) where he is currently Vice President International Liaison and South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE). He is a past president and chair of the board of directors of the PMI South Africa chapter and was a founding member of PMSA Other International Correspondents for PMForum have been announced recently in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, India, Jordan, Nigeria, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and in the UAE, UK and USA. The Company expects to announce other international correspondents around the world in coming months. Additional information about the Global Correspondents Network and about individual correspondents can be found at
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